From analysis to result. From science to sensitivity.

High quality diagnostics are an imperative for better treatment and patient care. Maa Panchadevi Dialysis center, India’s leading healthcare system, has thus far been delivering 3.5 million high-quality diagnostic tests every year, through its Hospitals and Clinics earning an ‘excellent’ rating from 95% of its patients.

Maa Panchadevi Dialysis center is the result of the ‘good health for all’ mission that is spurring the Maa Panchadevi Dialysis center to touch a billion lives. Following the corporate credo of bringing quality, affordable healthcare closer to the consumer, 2015 saw 100+ Maa Panchadevi  Diagnostics centres, in 2016 it has been grown to 150+ centres and 2017 landed with 250 + collection centres , 70+ Labs springing up in neighbourhoods across India, delivering expertise that is empowering to doctors and patients alike.

Maa Panchadevi Diagnostics’ expert technicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment are constantly guided by Apollo’s 36-years legacy of excellence to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of test results.